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Hi there, this is Donna Mossman from Ottawa, Ontario,and I left QEH in 1964 at the end of grade 11, wishing so much I could have graduated with all of you in 1965, but my father was I have not seen most of you since then. Still I cant believe how few from our class is going to reunion. I would like to hear from anyone in my class from grade 10 or 11 at QEH whether or not you are attending reunion, especially people with whom I have totally lost contact...Cheryl Neville, Marie Nash, Gail McGean,Liz McCurdy, Gail Rubin, Heather Henderson, Alicia Anderson, and some guys too...Dave Crabbe, Bruce Clarke, Irv Cohen, Billy Newman..Doesn't everyone remember the great music at Twix on Fri nites, and the last 2 songs..".Put Your Head on My Shoulder" and the at the end for the slow burn was "Good Nite My Love."..? Here I am still dancing at least in my memories all the time to the music of the sixties...Remember "She was Just 17"? That was me when I left Halifax, but I still come down there every summer to a cottage near Bridgewater. So please contact me and get transported back to some of the best times of our lives.

My name is Joy Belyea I was Carruthers. Are any people who graduated in
that era interested in having a get-together on sar AM or for dinner sat
before the dance? Contact me at and let me know what you'd
 like to do. I'll be staying at the Holiday Inn.

Hi! My name is Jenn (Bauld) Brown, and I graduated from QEH in 1978. I
live in England now, teaching art and humanities in a charming village
school, and getting re-married here in England next summer. I am sorry to
be missing the reunion. Hope everyone that attends has a wonderful time, so
many happy memories from the time spent at the school.

Hey guys, I missed the 30th and this is our last chance.
Would love to see all of the class that I knew from 75 or 76.
Need to get in touch with those we know as it is down to the last minute.
Look forward to seeing those that are there.
Janet Taylor

Although not a QEH grad, I retain a strong friendship with many who were.
In the early 70's I lost touch with one, in particular, who was a very
close friend of mine while we were attending Dal. The last contact I had
with Margie Davidson was in Toronto around 1971. Margie would have
graduated from Dal around 1962 as she and I were freshmen at Dal in Sept.
'62. Would you happen to have tracked her down during your planning for
this reunion? If so, could you tell me how I might contact Margie?
Many thanks! Best wishes to you for a successful and fun-filled weekend!
Sincerely,Audrey Lampert

Class of 1971!Anyone wishing to lunch or brunch on Sunday, July 29, Please contact me as soon as possible so arrangements may be made,

Victory Arms Lord Nelson hotel at 12:00? (other suggestions?)

Debbie Sanschagrin

My name is Mary Lou Owen. I am looking for my classmates who entered QEH in
1960 from Gorsebrook School . I have been trying to track down any of my
former classmates who went to Gorsebrook School from 1950-1960. My e-mail
address is . My class web page is

I really appreciate your help. Mary Lou Owen

I graduated in 1953. I'll be coming to the reunion and I'd love to see
folks from that time. I can be reached until then by email or at
819-843-7983. During the reunion weekend I'll be at 902-423-3887 (without

Eleanor Duckworth

Hello to the "QEH" Last Chance Reunion Committee: I have attached a
message from my dear friend Linda Piers who was at QEH from 1958 to 1960.
I am writing to suggest that there a place for messages from those who
cannot be there. Perhaps Linda's message will be your first.
Judy Kicks Simmonds

Andrea Brady, (now Patte) class of 1967, now living in Ontario, and Maureen
Phinney, class of 1966, now living in Quebec, would enjoy getting together
with friends and classmates for brunch on Sunday. Contact Maureen at . Looking forward to hearing from you!

I graduated from another school but went to QE until I had to move. I
would have been part of the grad class of 91 and I miss my old
friends! I would love to hear from "the Pit Crew"! Please contact me
and let me know how you are!

Thanks! Jenny C! (Jen Welcher)


 HI class of '81. I would love to get together
with some of the classmates from our year. However, I work on the Saturday
during the day, and have a family function on Sunday afternoon, which gives
little time to get together. However, perhaps we could pick out a pub to go
on Friday evening and/or go for breakfast /coffee on Sunday(10:00,11:00ish).

If interested, you may e-mail me, Lori Langille at"

 L. vandervelden(QE H grad'81)

Seems a lot of us 1957-50 year anniversary folks are attending. I am Penny
Annand ( nee Chambers) , one half of the "Chambers Twins". I now live in
Ottawa with hubby Robert; John is in Boca Raton, Florida with wife Judy.
Is anyone in Halifax planning a meeting with the '57ers?
Looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Hi there!  This is Sherene Sieben (nee Razack-Hosein) and I attended QEH for
my grade 10  and 11 year.  For my Grade 12 year, i was in the US, and
unfortunately never got a chance to graduate with many of my friends.  I
can't believe its been 20 years since we graduated!  Is anyone from the
class of 1987 meeting?  I am going to be in Halifax this summer from July 21
- July 26, and from July 31 - Aug 4.  Not even sure if anyone remembers
me!   Would love to hear about what everyone is up to!   my email address is

Hello-my name is Tom Vickery (class of 58) and my school orchestra played
for all the school dances from the mid to late 50's that were held at
QEHS. I've put together a reunion jazz quartet of members from the
original orchestra who are still very active in the music business and we
are planning to perform at Stayner's Wharf on the 27/28 July during the
reunion weekend. Hopefully some of the reunion people especially from our
era would be interested in hearing and seeing this "Four of Yore" What do
you think of this idea and do you think it would be possible to have this
advertised in your newsletter. If your are interested in this project I
could send you a recent CD with info about. myself and my twin brother
Don. Hope to hear from you.
   yours truly, Tom Vickery

I would like to hear from any grads from the class of 1954. It would be
nice to get a group together during the last reunion. Please contact me at I can also be reached at (902)634-3356.I
live in Lunenburg but will be attending the entire schedule of events.

This is Bev Allen(Harley). Grad of 1968. I also have a sister Marlene that
graduated in 1964 or 1965. Would love to hear more about what is going on
for these grad years!! We both live out of province- I am in Moncton N.B.
working as an R.N. And Marlene is now residing in Barrie (retired) with
her husband. Would love to hear more--anyone from those years??

My names is Andrew Thorne.  I graduated  from  QEH  in 2006.
I am calling all 2006 grads to be part of -The Last Chance.QEH.
Where are you guys?

MY email  Address is: or or
Contact me. Come and join us!!!!!!

Graduating Class of   1979 Old friends are starting to communicate
and we would love to hear from fellow Classmates planning to attend the reunion!
So contact us, let's do some planning Karen Dai (Lorette) and Joy Higgins (Perry) and

Calling all grads (or almost grads) from the years '61-'64!
Hope to see you at the Last Chance Reunion the end of July.
It seems that all events, with the exception of the tour of the school on
Saturday afternoon, are taking place at the Halifax Forum.
We're on our own for dinner Saturday before the dance and Sunday is left
open for individual groups (years) to plan their own thing. I was
wondering if we could rally some people from "our" years ('61-'64) to meet
at Hubbards or something. Just opening a dialogue for discussion on the
matter for now. I remember the great time we had at the Shore Club during
the '84 Reunion , although there are some moments, and photos thereof,
which I rather forget too!!

Shirley (Carter) Nadeau
Quebec City

Hey guys....all you 1978 graduates...come party ....for the wkd -would  love
to see all of you. Let's plan for some fun on the Sunday....maybe a picnic/sports day or day  at
the beach with bonfire Sign up and lets plan something.....I'll be in Halifax for that  wkd....
otherwise contact me at    or
858  395 9744(cell) with ideas etc...

Greetings from 1971 Graduates
Jean Fillatre & Kathryn (Kathy) Edgett
We hope to meet you all at the Meet & Greet on Friday July 27,
and party throughout the weekend.
Pass this notice on to all QEHS Alumni you know!
Can't wait to see you all on Friday, July 27!

Jean ( and Kathryn (


Has anyone in the graduating classes of A5 or A8 from the year of 1968 set
up a meeting for Sunday July 29th. I would be very interested in hearing
from anyone in these classes so we could set up a Sunday brunch. You can
contact me at or at 902-462-8900 and ask for
Susan Duncan (Isnor). If a number of people are interested we could book a
place that is central to where most people are staying.


Don't miss the last chance. I challenge all 1958 grade 12 graduates to
meet at the Halifax Forum at 4:00 p.m. on Friday July 27, 2007 at the1958-12
sign. In a brief meeting we will decide what we will do on Sunday July
29,2007. Bring your 1958 Elizabethan.
If you have any ideas for Sunday July 29, 2007 please send them to Robert
Cunningham at e-mail address:


Anyone from the class of 1970 wanting to meet and greet on Sunday?  I'd

like to see fellow classmates.  My name is Philip Hicks and I can be

phoned at work at (902) 893-6720 or at home at (902) 843-6135 or e-mailed



Is anyone from class of 1971 interested in meeting somewhere?

Debbie Sanschagrin (Moore)


Class of 1994 - Looking to round everyone up for a final showing
of Lion's Pride.
Contact Neil MacFarlane: C: 441-1025 / Email: