(Physical Education Programs are listed below Personal Development Section)

Learning Strategies 10 Open 1.0 Credit
Through this course, students will develop study skills, organizational skills and communication strategies that will help them to be successful in their high school program. The focus of Learning Strategies 10 is literacy and numeracy.

Learning Strategies 11 Open 1.0 Credit This course utilizes and continues the development of study skills, organizational skills and communication strategies. It is designed to foster increasing academic independence.

Learning Strategies 12 Open 1.0 Credit
This course is similar in description to the Grade 11 course, but is offered at the grade 12 level. This course will count as an additional credit towards graduation.

Co-Operative Education 11 Academic 1.0 Credit
Co-op 11 is a community-based program that combines the resources of the school (25 hr. in-school component) and a community placement (100 hr. out-of-school component). Coop 11 is designed to facilitate a student’s career choices and help the student with their career and educational plans.
Text – Expanding your Horizons (2nd edition)

Co-Operative Education 12 Academic 1.0 Credit
Co-op 12 parallels the Co-op 11 program but in individual cases more emphasis is placed on independent study and topics are covered in more depth. This is a community-based course that combines a 25 hour in-school component and a 100 hour out-of-school community placement. Co-op 12 is designed to facilitate a student’s career choices and help the student with their career and educational plans.
Text – Expanding Your Horizons (2nd edition)

Tourism 11 Academic 1.0 Credit
Tourism 11 gives students an introduction to the tourism industry. The course offers students opportunites to develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to enter the tourism industry or post-secondary tourism programs. Students develop their skills in communicating, problem solving, organizing and managing information, working with others and working independently, and using and adapting to new technology. The course focuses on career planning and employability skills and on industry design and development (for example, develop a plan for eco-tourism in South America). Students apply and expand their learning in community or workplace settings through job shadowing, field trips, and work experience. Learning experiences have a strong applied focus with an emphasis on integrating, applying, and reinforcing learning in other courses.

Career and Life Management 11 Open 0.5 Credit
This compulsory, 1/2 credit course helps students deal with the accelerated rate of change in our social, economic and physical world. Students enrolled in this course will learn about self-management skills and resource management skills. They will be able to organize and shape their careers. CLM 11 deals with a wide variety of issues and situations which students encounter throughout life. The program is divided into three areas of study - Self- Management, Financial Management and The World of Work.

Physically Active Lifestyles 11 Open 0.5 Credit
Physically Active Lifestyles is a compulsory half-credit course requiring students to experience a variety of healthful, physically active activities and to have a sound knowledge of the health benefits of these activities.
Successful students will be able to:

  • Select and participate in physical activities which will increase personal levels of physical fitness

  • Make informed decisions about the physical benefits of various activities in high school and in adult life

  • Demonstrate healthy self-esteem and an understanding of the importance of personal fitness, fair play and healthy lifestyle habits

  • Show awareness of the range of facilities and services available to them in their community

By the end of the course, they will be well on their way to developing personal responsibility for their own health and physical fitness.

QEHS offers a full range of Physical Education courses at three different levels, as well as Phys Ed Leadership 12, for Grade 12 students who are serious about developing their leadership skills both in Physical Education and in community activities.

General Goals
The general goals of the program are to have the participating students:

  • Enjoy and appreciate the short and long term benefits of involvement in regular physical activity;

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of physical fitness;

  • Increase knowledge, skill level and leadership in a variety of physical activities with emphasis on lifetime skills; and

  • Provide an opportunity for social growth and interaction in a variety of activity related settings.

    Course Structure:
    The program is organized over a three-year period. PAL11 is designed for either the grade ten or the grade eleven year. Physical Education 10 and 11 are full-credit courses, while PAL 11 is a half-credit.

    Activity Units:
    The program is divided into a number of activity units ranging from team sports to individual activities depending upon the limitations of staff and facilities. The following are some of the activities that may be offered:

    • Team Sports

    • Racquet Sports

    • Aquatics

    • Fitness Concepts and Activities

    • Track and Cross-Country

    • Theory Concepts

    • Outdoor Education Activities & Initiatives

    In evaluating each student, the physical education staff will be placing an emphasis on personal improvement and on participation rather than on a high level of skill development. This process will allow each student to participate in each activity at the skill level that is appropriate.

    Physical Education 10 Open 1.0 Credit
    Students opting to take this course should not feel they have to be highly skilled athletes but should have an interest in physical activity and enjoy play experiences. Physical Education 10 consists primarily of helping students refine skills for lifelong recreational activities and providing students with leadership opportunities.

    Physical Education 11 Open 1.0 Credit
    This physical education course places greater emphasis on lifetime recreation activities, with a balance between indoor and outdoor activities. Physical fitness and the development of leadership activities continue as priorities.
    This course is open to students in grade eleven.
    Prerequisite: None

    Physical Education 12 Open 1.0 Credit
    Physical Education 12 concentrates on fitness opportunities, outdoor pursuits and individual and dual games. Opportunities are available for learning and practicing leadership skills.
    Prerequisite: None

    Phys Ed Leadership 12 Academic 1.0 Credit
    Various styles and characteristics of leadership will be examined. Assessment will be based on small group projects (i.e. intramural organization); outdoor activities (organization of a Grade 10 base camp, ski trips, bike trip); and leadership (community involvement, seminars, guest speakers, organizational practicums and a daily physical education program in the elementary schools). Evaluation is based on continual assessment, so regular attendance is essential. Topics include:

    1. Leadership

    2. Nutrition

    3. Coaching - The Ultimate leader in sports

    4. Outdoor Leadership

    5. Sport Safety

    6. Administration and Organization, and

    7. Practicum

    8. National Coaching Certification Program