Family Studies prepares the students with skills for life. It provides a grounding for many courses in post-secondary institutions and careers involved in the health services and professions.

Grade Ten Courses

Family Studies 10 Open 1.0 Credit
Family Studies 10 is comprised of two units:
Unit 1 - Foods and Nutrition: Foods and Nutrition is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the relationships between one’s lifestyle and nutritional well-being, to help students apply that knowledge to meal management and wise consumer decisions and to help students develop an appreciation of one’s cultural heritage and its influence on food choices. This course is developed around three modules:
Nutrition and Health (adequate nutrition, nutrition and active living, and special concerns in nutrition)
Meal Management (food consumerism, lifestyle trends, and technological influences) Food, Culture and You (Canadian food heritage, international foods, and food and you today)
Unit 2 - Child Studies: Child Studies is designed to explore the many roles and responsibilities involved in the caring of young children, to provide students with practical information on nurturing and interacting with children, and to develop in students an appreciation of the importance of nutrition, play, music, and language in child development. This course is developed around four modules:
Caring for Children (parenting decisions, daycare for children, protecting children)
Learning Through Play (stages of play, kinds of play, toy safety)
Nourishment for Children (nutrition and the young child, creative meal planning, eating problems)
Story Time for Children (exploring children’s literature, selecting books for children, storytelling)
Music for Children (value of music experiences, selecting music and songs, rhythm and creative movement activities)

Grade Eleven Courses

Child Studies 11 Open 1.0 Credit
Child Studies is a full credit course designed to explore the meaning and implications of responsible parenthood, to acquire current information regarding reproduction, pregnancy and childbirth, to explore significant issues of early childhood, and to apply the understanding of child development to the care and guidance of children. This course is developed around five modules:
  • Decisions about Parenthood

  • The Beginning of Parenthood

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Special Concerns in Child Development

  • Practical Experiences with Children

Grade Twelve Courses

Family Studies 12 Open 1.0 Credit
Two of the following units will be covered during the year and the decision as to which two will be made when the course begins.
This unit is designed to assist students in assessing housing environments and how they meet family shelter needs, to explore community concerns and support services related to available adequate shelter, and to develop an appreciation of the problems related to national and global shelter.
Clothing and Textiles
This unit is designed to explore significant factors in making family clothing decisions, to help students recognize the effects of societal attitudes and practices on these decisions and to develop an understanding of the clothing needs of individuals in Canada and other countries around the world.
Food and Nutrition
This unit is designed to develop an understanding of resource management in meeting family food needs, an appreciation of the importance of preventive health care through exploration of nutrition-related health concerns and community support services, and an awareness of global food issues.