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June 2005 HiY CLubs of QE students - 1969: Photos taken by the late Jim MacLean (see QEH Alumni Photo Gallery)
June 2005 "Challenge for Credit" in Fine Arts
June 2005 Sir Chlares Tupper School 75th Anniversary
January 2005 Curriculum Alignment at QEH - by Mr. Lincoln (a PowerPoint presentation)
January 2005 May 2004 Newsletter.
October 2004 September 2004 Newsletter.
September 2004 2003-2004 Semester Timetable.
September 2004 2003-2004 School Calendar.
September 2004 2004 Prom Section.
September 2004 Mr. Schipilow's Geology 2004 Grade 12 Web Site:
February 2004 A70 Camera:
February 2004 Ryan's Co-Op:
December 2003 Excel Tutorial:
November 2003 Outlook Project:
September 2003 QEH Earn and Learn Program:
September 2003 Mr. Coolen's 2002-2003 Global Geography site:
September 2003 Boys hockey 2002-2003:
September 2003 Student agenda information 2002-2003:
September 2003 SFT12 class of 2002-03 web projects:
August 2003 June 2003 Newsletter:
August 2003 April/May 2003 Newsletter:
August 2003 SafeGrad 2003:
August 2003 Entrepreneurship Education Institute Program: July 2003
August 2003 Newsletter - March 2003:
August 2003 The Department of Education, Public School Branch Newsletter for February 2003.
January 2003 Webquests QEH staff:
January 2003 CRS 12 IPP web page projects
June 2002 2002 Safe Grad
November 2001 Keep Your Dreams Alive newsletter
June 2001 QEH thanks 'Touch of Gold' the major sponsor of Safe Grad 'Summer Watch Event'
May & June 2001 2001 Safe Grad Site and other QEH Safe Grad sponsors
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April 2001 Nicholas Petropolis, 1999 QEH graduate receives awards. Congratulations to Nick who received an undergraduate research council award and is also an academic all Canadian at St. F.X. university.
April 2001 Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Awards received by the following Q.E.H. graduates:

Darrell & Emily Laing Summer
Undergraduate Research Awards
Dalhousie CIAU Academic All-Canadian Award NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student Research Awards
Helen Fawcett
Gregory Rockwell
Lori Borgal Sarah Burke,
Hanah Chapman,
Monica Chuang
James Cordes, Karthika Devarajan, Andrea Faryniuk
Melanie Purves, Tarren Vyas, David White (Western)

April 2001 Co-operative Education information.
February 2001 Parent News Letter: Feb. 2001 attached to report cards. Access here to read.